The Machine

Posted by Christine on January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized |

It should come as no shock that Rory LOVES to eat….look at him; he is one solid mass. He doesn’t just eat though, he inhales his food, and there are sound effects with every spoon; like the philharmonic presides around our dinner table every night.

Listen lady, we could sell tickets to let you watch this eating fiasco. Poor kid sits there, mouth agape, waiting until you shovel another spoonful in. The boy has been known to pull out a baby sized switchblade and cut you for hesitating too long on the next spoon.

I’m not sure he even tastes half the food we give to him. I could probably swap out his flavorful pears for mashed up brussel sprouts and the kid wouldn’t notice.

He is actually rather impressive in his take down skills. We refer to him as “the machine”. I do hope his eating continues to be so easy as there are many days we still struggle to get Cardin to eat. The two could not be more polar opposite.


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