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Last weekend I took Cardin to the library to get out some books. The girl is hot for reading and writing lately so I thought I would take advantage of the situation. She loves to go and play on the “puter” and with the germ infested puzzles and toys that are usually strewn about the […]


Say yes to the dress

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Cardin has been putting on a myriad of fashion shows lately. She’s stepped out in grunge, shabby chic, couture. Listen lady, I’ve no idea what those words mean, but they sounded pretty important on Wikipedia. She is really into dress up and accessorizing with necklaces, bracelets, and high heels. And here is where I’m all […]



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Rory is officially a Mayer and we have the proof. This picture is a little old since Rory is still in his helmet, but as you can see, he is a hugger. This is usually how he sleeps now; hugging the side of the bumper. No surprise, since Brett, Cardin, & myself use a hugging […]

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