Petting zoo of filth

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Over the weekend we took the kids to an indoor “petting zoo & carnival”. Let me just lay the foundation for you here Internet. We got the true “carni” experience; from the missing teeth to the robust bellies, the uncleanly attire, all the way to the rather crass attitude.
It was basically a clusterfuck of uncared for, dirty animals and some very questionable midway rides.

Immediately upon arrival to this shit show of a “family outing” we were greeted with the pungent odor of animal feces; always the invigorating fragrance.

The overabundance of animals that were packed into cages was absurd.
Many of them stood, glassy eyed, with their fur matted down. The animals seemed uncared for and likely, mistreated, as hundreds of kids shoved grimy hands in their cages.

The games and midway rides, though I’m hopeful had recently been inspected, seemed to be held together with spit and duck tape. The rides seemed to be a festering pool of germs. Equally impressive were the operators of these rides. I would hazard a guess that the workers spend their downtime on a “high” ride

Cardin & Rory were able to overlook these deficiencies and Brett and I gritted our teeth as we dolled out a continuous stream of money in this cease pool of filth. We simply kept chanting, “doing this for the kid”. Luckily, there were no creepy clowns with big ass feet or a red nose. Listen lady, that would have really thrown me way over.


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