Rory has the clap

Posted by Christine on February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized |

The other day, Rory was racing around in his walker like one of those NASCAR racers. I have all my teeth, so I’m not “in the know” on any of their names. Except the woman one; Danica. I’m fairly sure I’m required to know her name since we utilize godaddy.com to host this domain. That and she totes her body around in a leather cat-woman outfit as a sex symbol or to distract us from her driving skills? You decide.

Cardin was playing a game with me at the computer and got excited over achieving some new level of greatness, so she started clapping. Rory immediately started imitating her and thus, THE CLAP was born.

Listen lady, we also discovered that Rory is a miniature aficionado for Mickey Mouse. His reaction to Mickey coming on tv is awesome. Imagine giving 20 red bulls to a Capuchin monkey who has limited gross motor skills.


Based on this short video, I think I know where we are headed on our next vacation. This makes all those sleepless nights and temper tantrums TOTALLY worth it.

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