Humpty hump

Posted by Christine on March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Rory has been army crawling for a few weeks now and he’s making great progress moving around on his own. He has officially mastered the slow topple from a sitting position onto his side or belly without it looking like a dead fish flopping around on the deck anymore.

However, we initially noticed that when we would lay him in his crib to sleep, he’d have to settle himself by “adjusting” his body. Listen lady, I put this in quotes because the adjustment consists of him humping his bed until he passes out. We laughed it off; figuring he was just getting comfortable.

That was until the humping behavior started to occur during the day; whenever you laid him on the floor. And now he has taken it a step further and does this hip thrusting when you hold him too. I’m not sure who it’s more awkward for; Brett or myself.

Listen lady, I realize he is just strengthening his thighs, hips, and legs in anticipation of full on crawl and walk; in fact in the past couple of days we have noticed his attempt to get on all fours and crawl, not just army crawl. Nonetheless it is quite humorous to witness


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