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The past 2 years we’ve used turbo tax to file our taxes. It’s been a fairly pain free process; though I had my concerns this year since I had been out on disability for so long. We ended in the positive, thanks to our new little tax deduction. Yay, Rory!

Each year we’ve been saving our tax return, like squirrels hoarding nuts, for our next house. We have no intent on staying in this area for the long term. It’s decent, but the school district isn’t what we prefer for the kids. Plus, we’d like to get into the same district as my parents so the whole busing situation becomes a little easier.

Ideally, we’re looking to build and having this extra store of cash was our means of paying for upgrades in the new house and all those “extras” that come along when you move. Not to worry though, we safely stow all this extra cash right under our mattress; please, trip my alarm system.

We are only hoping to move one more time and are anticipating that we can use what we’ve learned from our first do-it-yourself house as a learning experience; to garnish all the things we’d like in a new house.

Listen lady, it’s a whole lot of responsibility for one blog, but we are quickly leading up to financial awesomeness. I recently paid off the first of three student loans and am on track to pay off number 2 within a year. Freedom from this type of financial burden will be so amazing. I might just swim I’m all that extra cash.

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