The grab & go

Posted by Christine on March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Shortly after Rory discovered that he had hands and could use them to clutch objects, we witnessed the first of his manly readjustment sessions during a diaper change. As soon as the diaper is off, his hand is down there, rooting around and readjusting his junk.

And here I am, yelling over the baby monitor…”BOY….you do not need to adjust….you are 9 months old!!!”

You would think that he’s just had on an extra small jock strap For 16 hours with the way he goes to town. Brett takes every ounce of pride in this fiasco; cheering Rory on as he makes a quick stop at the grab and go market.

I’ve asked around, but apparently this isn’t really a common practice with other babies. Lets just chalk it up as another oddity on the roadmap of my life. I’m sure this is only going to get better as he gets older.

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