Kid sized conference call

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This week, my parents are on a cruise. It’s a well deserved vacation, especially after having spent countless days taking care of my family last year while I was laid up with that whole giant spleen thing. I hope they are fully enjoying themselves on their whirlwind tour of Mexico. Fear not, they are not traveling Carnival.

While they are gone, I’m working from home so that I can run Cardin back and forth to preschool and still continue her speech therapy services. And also to make sure that the tank sized monster doesn’t destroy the city of Rochester.

This has made for some fairly interesting conference calls. I’m not sure my co-workers appreciate the essence of the show Bubble Guppies or understand the finesse it takes to wrangle your computer mouse out of the grasp of an 11 month in silence, but I’m thankful for their flexibility in allowing me to care for my children in such a way.

And don’t worry Internet, the cops have only had to come out to the house one time this week. I’m totally blaming Cardin for setting off the house alarm. On a positive note, at least I know that the services we pay for on a monthly basis are not wasted.

This is how I corral the children during the workday. There is food and water available at set intervals and I allow 1 hour in the exercise yard per day.


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