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Over the weekend we celebrated Rory’s birthday with family and friends. It was a perfect day; the weather cooperated, we enjoyed the first picnic of the year, and made some great memories. I’m grateful for all the love that is shared for my little tanker.

So my little man, I write this blog for you….


One year already and look at the smiles and giggles you have brought out in our family. It is hard to believe you are already a year old; the past 12 months seem to have flown by so quickly and yet you seem to fit perfectly into our family. What did we do before you?!?!

As second time parents, we welcomed you home with less apprehension than we did your sister and we instantly saw your laid back personality come out as you started smiling and babbling.

You are my smiley, happy boy. Always such a “go-with-the-flow” attitude. Hold on to that; it will serve you well in later life. There is so much to fret about and get caught up in with this world, a serene attitude may help to steer your ship through rough seas.

Around month 4, you threw a major curveball into our solar system when you were fitted for a helmet that you wore for 23 hours a day to correct Plagiocephaly. The first couple of weeks were rough and initially you hated us every time you would see the helmet or hear the “rrrrrripppppp” of Velcro, but you pulled through like a determined champ. I’m keeping that helmet forever and I’ll show it to you when you are 18 and remind you that with time, all things can change.
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You have always loved music, even as a small baby; it seems to settle you. You prefer to sit with daddy at night before bedtime and you absolutely love to hump pillows.

In the last few months, as you’ve become more coordinated in crawling, standing, and walking, we have seen a new independence emerge from you; albeit one that is all rough and tumble boy. We’ve lost many a toy to the Rory memorial already.

Just a year ago and the doctors were concerned that your lungs were too immature for delivery. Look at you now little man. Thriving, growing, and learning every day. Happy birthday sweet boy.

Love always,

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