Rory vs. the world

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August has been a really busy month for us; between weddings, family parties, and vacation. Since we’ve seen friends and family we don’t normally see on a daily or weekly basis, I often get the question, “how are the kids?”

Most days the answer is easy….but then there are days where tank has just finished squishing a grasshopper between his fingers, turned the stovetop burners on a my moms house, chewed a piece of chalk, dialed a random number on one of our phones, or ripped apart my dishwasher…..


Some days I shake my head at the magnitude of difference between my two kids. At 15 months, Cardin would sit for hours and play quietly with puzzles and read a bin full of books. She is my reserved kid; ever faithful in helping me out. At 15 months old, Rory chews the faces off the animal puzzle pieces and uses pages out of his books as floss for his incoming teeth. His energy is boundless and his fear is non-existent. Each night he comes home with a new bruise or boo-boo from his latest climbing adventure

Last night, during dinner, Rory discovered the uncharted territory of goober diving. And you just know he is totally gonna be one of those kids who just pops a fresh one in his mouth.

Laying on the floor is an instant trigger for a wrestling match. Rory, also known as, Macho Man Randy Savage does a flying leap and jumps on top of you,with a fit of giggles to follow, and then slams you in the face with a hand as if to say “snap into a slim Jim, bitch.”

Listen lady, you kids come from the same genetic makeup, how can you be so widely different?? Talk about a nature vs. nurture debate. Dear science, I think I have the answer.

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