Rate Increase My A%@!

Posted by Christine on August 24, 2009 in People |

Remember when getting the mail used to be super cool and your couldn’t wait to see if there was a letter waiting for you. You would search through the pile, fingers crossed, that Santa did not forget about you and then rip into a letter only to find out it was addressed to “current resident”. Saddened, you […]


Tivo saves the day again…

Posted by Christine on August 23, 2009 in People |

I was watching sesame street the other day with my daughter and Elmo was talking about noses. The furry red monster was asking kids if all different objects have noses. He asked if a bowl could have a nose or a baseball glove. And then he asked if an airplane could have a nose. Tell […]


$125 for that?!?

Posted by Christine on August 20, 2009 in Animals, People |

The other day I went to get my hair done for a friends wedding and as I was waiting for the stylist to finish with her last victim, an elderly woman came up to the counter to pay for her recent cut and style. Now when I say elderly, I’m not talking about “fresh from […]


Walmart Muse.

Posted by Christine on August 19, 2009 in People |

I was just checking my email and ya know how companies pay for their ad to pop up ALL over the Internet browser and how completely annoying and equally brilliant this idea is because inevitably, I’m going to look at the damn advertisement. This time around, the ad was for the Walmart clothing line “Grananimals” and I was […]


How do you like your eggs ma’am?

Posted by Christine on August 18, 2009 in food |

My kid refuses to eat dinner lately. No idea why. She eats breakfast and lunch as if she were one of those poor little kids you see on the “save the children” infomercials. All the while the host reminds you that changing the channel is like saying no to these starving children. And I’m all…click […]

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