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This year for Halloween, Cardin decided that she wanted to be a hamburger. This was pretty surprising to us since she’s very much into princesses, nail polish, and all things girly. Needless to say I was totally on board with the hamburger costume. We hit up zooboo at the Senca Park Zoo over the weekend […]



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This picture was taken from Associated Press and is the alleged California salon shooter. I wanted you guys to enjoy this image as much as my brain has.        LISTEN LADY, THERE WAS NO BETTER IMAGE YOU COULD HAVE CHOOSEN??? High speed lenses and this is the image that is plastered on the website. I’m […]


Grow Moore

Posted by Christine on October 11, 2011 in Kids |

This past weekend I took Cardin to Grow Moore Farms as they have a slew of Fall activities geared towards kids. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, warm and sunny, and the kid was in her glory with all the activities that she could do for a meager 10 bucks. They have hay rides, a haunted […]


Double the Fun

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About the time that Cardin started crawling we invested in a childproof gate to attach to the top of our basement stairs. The gate has a small pet door at the bottom so that ninja can still go downstairs, but not big enough that Cardin’s head will get stuck in there. The gate has worked […]



Posted by Christine on October 7, 2011 in Kids |

Cardin’s favorite saying lately is “I NEEEEED TO”; as though whatever item she desires, the need is in complete and pure desperation. Her inflection implies that she will fall over and die immediately if her every whim is not satisfied. The majority of the time she doesn’t really need these things, she just wants them….clearly we have some […]

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