This requires a codename…

Posted by Christine on May 17, 2011 in Nature, Shopping |

Cardin is hot for playgrounds lately and we have a few around our house that we can drive too, mostly at parks. Of the ones frequented, we have only found a couple that are of decent quality, but they are not close to the house and let’s face it lady, public playgrounds are like festering […]



Posted by Christine on March 10, 2011 in Shopping |

This weekend we found a TV on sale at Best Buy for a fairly decent price. You will recall here and here that we were in need of a TV for the basement due to an unfortunate incident. Last night we rounded Cardin up and went out to buy the TV. Except that they were […]


From one decade to another

Posted by Christine on March 1, 2011 in People, Shopping, Uncategorized |

It’s finally here, Brett’s Dirty Thirty!!!! Listen Lady, I’ve waited with patience and counted the minutes till I could announce that Brett has now started his 3rd decade on this earth. Each time I get to say that I do a little clap, ya know like those street performer monkeys who clap really fast and wear the fez hats. […]


Wherein we dismantle the TV stand

Posted by Christine on January 20, 2011 in Home, Shopping |

Brett turns 30 in 40 days, not that I have a countdown going or anything. Originally we were going to go to Vegas and celebrate his birthday and our 5 year anniversary. That didn’t work out so well when we had a big snowstorm and I found out that I needed new tires; $900 later, […]


Early onset…

Posted by Christine on December 15, 2009 in Shopping |

Sooooooo….a couple weekends ago we did the whole YAY LET’S CELEBRATE THE DAY YOU CAME FLYING OUT OF YOUR MOM’S VAGINA INTO THIS HARD, COLD REALITY WHERE YOU WORK TOO MUCH AND SLEEP TOO LITTLE. Sounds like a blast. Since my birthday was on a Sunday, I was determined to get all the housework and […]

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